“We need to unleash and embrace the diverse potential of our youth”


“Australia and its educational institutions are uniquely positioned right now to be able develop student’s capabilities for their yet unknown futures, but how this is undertaken will determine if we progress, are stagnant, or go into decline. 

A rapidly changing world needs to unleash and embrace the diverse potential of our youth. One way in which this can be achieved is by developing student’s entrepreneurial mindsets and skills, but this can only happen if schools, community, industry and government come together to support one another. 

Students require real world authentic learning experiences from early childhood and onwards. By developing problem-solving skills and tapping into their natural curiosity and creativity, students can explore their passions and develop their individual sense of purpose. 

As someone that has only in more recent times stepped into the world of education, but with a range of life experiences behind me, I feel that I have stepped into the educational world at the right place and time. I am already pushing those boundaries and want to continue to work with likeminded people to help education change rapidly, but also effectively.” #ambitious education

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