“Australia needs to be more experimental and willing to evolve.”

Daniel Teitelbaum

“What will happen when AI can do everything for us? We’ll end up playing!

Play is so important to enhance the way that people think and create. The number one way to innovate is to play with ideas, manipulate objects in space and interact with people. It’s a shortcut to getting to know somebody and it cultivates adaptability.

Australia needs to be more experimental and willing to evolve. If we become more open to change, we can be more ambitious. We should look forward to what Australia can be rather than clinging to an outdated identity and structures that don’t work anymore.

I wish that people would stop cringing in fear of change. We can take control of what happens next. But we need to collaborate –change doesn’t happen with one person.

And this is one of the things I liked about s p a c e – the true sense of collaboration. There was no speaker- participant dichotomy so everyone was equal. There was an incredible depth and breadth of ambition in the atmosphere. I’m excited to see what happens this year.”

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