“We need to invest in creativity. I’m advocating that our government needs to establish a creativity commission.”

Russel Howcroft

“As AI and machine learning take over many traditional jobs, it’s going to be increasingly important that we apply our creative skills. We’re all born with amazing creativity, incredible imaginations and an innate ability to tell stories. Then, creativity gets taught out of us– by the time we finish school very few of us are actively involved in anything creative because the focus is on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

We need to move from STEM to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). We need to invest in creativity. I have been advocating that our government establish a creativity commission with the purpose of:

● supporting the growth of the creative economy

● building creative capacities and ideas to help inform policy, initiatives and industry

● recognising the interests of the community and how we can use creativity to facilitate better outcomes for the nation

● supporting the development of creative and internationally competitive Australian businesses

Alex Wadelton and myself have developed the Right Brain Workout – a book (and soon an app) that trains your brain to be more creative. There is a certain constipation in Australia when it comes to ideas. Through a Creativity Commission and more individuals exercising creativity, I hope that Australia can become more creative in tangible ways that benefit the whole country.

Australia is an extraordinary country yet we don’t recognise it. We’re shy about who and what we are. Tall Poppy syndrome is very real and it’s holding us back. We need to find a way to kill it. If we don’t, we’ll burden our children with it and our children will burden their children. We need to stop talking about it. Let’s cease the conversation so that we can cease the impact it has on our culture.

There are a few other things I’d like to see in our country’s near future but top of the list is that I’d like to see an Indigenous female leader as Governor General.

The great thing about s p a c e is it not only promotes great conversation, but it also encourages action and inspires the new ideas that we desperately need. New connections and new businesses have been formed off the back end of last year.”

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*Interview and write-up- s p a c e storyteller, Sian Gooden

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