“have a bloody go mate, we’ve got your back!”


Australia is a nation that embraces risk and opportunity. It champions quality and equality of life but doesn’t rest on its laurels. Australians are supported for ‘having a go’ and succeeding or failing, as long as they ‘have a bloody go mate’.  Our schools encourage alternate thinking and teach students to experiment, to try new ways of doing things and embrace learning. Our older people encourage trial and error, error, error in youth and in each other. Our culture recognises the value of wellbeing and supports those with ambition.  We lead the world in wellbeing, creativity and divergent thinking. We unleash human potential. 

I champion strengths and potential. I see opportunities, not problems. As a multi-disciplinarian, I help leaders unlock value in helping people be their best, by tapping into the core drivers of human behaviour. Through my role with the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, I help organisations recognise the value of life experience, harness the needs of the next wave of ‘second-halfers’ and build better products and services for the fastest growing cohort of the Australian and global population.

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