“We need to be generating new, creative ways of looking at the deep issues that are confronting us as a community.”


“In the marketing industry, it’s easy to de-humanise customers with terms such as target audience, demographics and segmentation. But at the end of the day, we’re all human. And as humans we want to feel something.

Our role in marketing should be to drive an emotional response in a really positive way. Creativity plays into this. It should be driving us as a marketing community and as a society more broadly. Great creative work adds to a business’s bottom line — and it changes us for the better.

I share great pieces of content and simple yet innovative ideas with my team to encourage them to take half an hour to focus on being creative.

Creativity is more vital now than ever before.

We need to be generating new, creative ways of looking at the deep issues that are confronting us as a community. We need to ensure we’re investing in the right areas, driving people to change their behaviour and pushing individuals, organisations and government to make the right decisions – not just for tomorrow, not just for next week, but for the long term. The recent bushfires are an example of our need to think differently about how to prevent this sort of disaster from happening again.

The creative community can have a lot to do with this because creativity and innovation are intrinsically linked. But creativity isn’t valued enough. And I think it’s because everyone is thinking in the short term.

As a country we need to be more forward thinking. Government and corporations need to be thinking beyond the next political term. We need to be thinking about the next generation.

Bringing unlikely people together encourages thinking beyond the day to day to generate new ideas for moving forward. And this is why I’m looking forward to the diverse mix of people, ideas and discussions at s p a c e.”

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*Interview and write-up- s p a c e storyteller, Sian Gooden

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