Kirk Pengilly is one of the founding members of INXS, which started back in 1977 and have sold in excess of 50 million records worldwide. INXS have collected countless awards and trophies for their work from around the globe, including 3 American Grammy nominations and INXS being inducted into the Australian ARIA Hall of Fame.

Kirk, undoubtedly the most recognisable member, has a definitive place in INXS, being the versatile ‘utility man’. As principal backing vocalist, saxophonist and guitarist, he contributed to a great deal of the music released by INXS. Kirk has also worked on many successful side projects during his action-packed musical career, including producing, writing and performing with other artists.

Kirk now resides in his Northern Beaches home in Sydney with his wife, seven times world surfing champion, Layne Beachley. Kirk and Layne were married in October 2010. Kirk is a fascinating corporate presenter, inspiring and entertaining, his story has valuable lessons for us all.

Kirk has quietly been involved in a number of Charities over the years including Greenpeace, the Starlight Foundation, the Mirabel Foundation, World Vision, and Amnesty International, just to name a few. For 12 years, he was actively involved with the Eye Foundation in Australia as their Key Ambassador, a role he didn’t take lightly after nearly losing his eyesight to Glaucoma in the mid 80s. More recently, in early 2015, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Kirk became a Key Ambassador for Movember and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. In 2019, Kirk proudly became the Key Ambassador for Glaucoma Australia.

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