“A more ambitious Australia would dare to include the voice of young people in every conversation.”


“I’ve seen the power of a pissed off young person; it’s improved federal policy, created profound social change and shaped the future for generations to come. A more ambitious Australia would dare to include the voice of young people in every conversation. This would keep us all accountable to the type of environment we are creating for our descendents. Australia is currently being led by a group of privileged old men slapping each other on the back, laughing at the quick buck they are making at the expense of our future.

I co-founded Society Melbourne, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to tackling youth homelessness, because I grew frustrated with the lack of support given to my peers. It still seems absurd that in order for our beneficiaries to gain access to employment, education, housing, community and confidence they had to rely on the support of Society Melbourne, a small start-up run by a group of people in their early – mid twenties. We also wanted to create something different to the standard not-for-profit, we wanted to generate our own revenue rather than relying solely on donations. So far we’ve launched 5 social enterprises across Melbourne with 100% of profits invested into our impact model. I hope that Society Melbourne gives a voice to some of the most marginalised individuals in our community, all of whom begin to demand a seat at the table. I hope to see our young people replace our stale leaders and work towards a safe and inclusive future for us all.”

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