“A social and economic eco-system where the unprecedented ambitions of Australians have the capacity and capability to deliver open value-based outcomes”


“Conventional growth is dead.  To become who we need to be, we need to stop doing what we have always done.

What may seem as unconventional growth today, will in a very short space (no pun intended) be the ‘new’ normal.  Adopting an open value-based approach, where clarity overrides right vs wrong, where courage walks over emotional fear and influence stems from a compelling conversation about what we can do (and will do with strong accountability) rather than the rhetoric of the past and being held hostage to those ideologies.

The ability of ordinary people to make extraordinary outcomes every day is real, and that means the term ‘leader’ has a completely new meaning.

I’ve been too close to the edge to want to go back until my time is really up here.  When I do, I hope I can look back at the people on the journey, the ‘square peg’s in the round hole’, the underdogs, and say to them – “Now it’s your turn, Make every day count”.

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